Cultural Linkages towards an Asian Ideology 2021/2022


The Short Course on ‘Cultural Linkages towards an Asian Ideology’ 2021/2022 is the second round of the previous course under the same title held from October 2020 to February 2021. It is funded by the Eurasia Foundation (from Asia), which is a nonprofit organization in Japan supporting activities that stimulate common sense values among Asian people through economic, educational, and cultural exchanges. The Foundation has offered research grants to many universities in about 40 countries in the world, and the Department of Social Sciences of KDU is delighted to have been able to secure grants in two consecutive years and be able to continue this course for more students of KDU.
The course comprises a series of lectures delivered by an eminent team of multidisciplinary researchers, academics and other professionals from Sri Lanka, Japan and UK. This is an excellent opportunity for undergraduates at KDU to enhance their knowledge on Asia, Asian identities, cultural bonds and connectivity among Asian nations. The participants will be awarded a certificate and given the opportunity to participate in a competition at the end of the course.