Enhancing Professional Persona: A Workshop Journey by the Department of Social Sciences for Undergraduates

The Department of Social Sciences organized a transformative workshop on the 1st of March 2024 at the 6-2 lecture hall of the new FMSH building, delving deep into the realms of professional development under theme “PR plus Elevate Your Professional Persona”. The event aimed to enrich the students’ essential skills requisite for navigating the dynamic landscape of social sciences and media studies.

Morning Session: Unveiling the Power of PR with Mr. Asoka Dias

The morning session commenced with fervor as Mr. Asoka Dias, the esteemed Director of MBC/MTV Network, graced the stage with his profound insights. Students from Intake 39 to 41 of the Department of Social Sciences eagerly participated, interested in learning about Public Relations to augment their professional journey. Mr. Dias’ expertise illuminated the significance of PR in shaping public perception with personal persona and fostering meaningful connections.

Afternoon Session: Mastering the Art of “Winning Interviews”

01st phase: Lecture Session and Role-Play

The afternoon session began with a special focus on “Winning Interviews”. Students were treated to a mix of interesting talks and interactive role-playing activities; all aimed at helping them understand the ins and outs of interviews. Leading the discussions were Ms. Sachithra Rambukwella-Deputy General Manager (Sustainable Business) and Mr. Chanaka Jayawickrama-Assistant Manager (Talent Management) at the MAS BODYLINE (Pvt.) Ltd. They shared valuable insights on how to communicate effectively and behave professionally during interviews, making the session engaging and enlightening for everyone involved.

02nd phase: Practice Session

The day ended with an interactive evening session designed especially for intake 39 students. Led by Ms. Sachithra Rambukwella and Mr. Chanaka Jayawickrama, this session focused on practical exercises, an important part of their training. During practical session, students received constructive and personalized feedback for them to get ready to steadily face the corporate sector. These practice sessions were like real-life situations, helping students improve their skills and feel more confident.

This workshop highlighted the department’s dedication to shaping well-prepared professionals who can succeed in any setting. Centered on Communication and Media Studies, specifically the Public Relations and Professional Skills course, the event emphasized the importance of a comprehensive education.

Collaborative Endeavor and Gratitude

The resounding success of the workshop was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Ms Manuri Pabasari –Lecturer and Ms NAK Weerasinghe – Senior Lecturer under the guidance of HoD-Department of Social Sciences- Dr. Tamara Jayesundera and the invaluable contribution of industry experts who graciously shared their knowledge. It’s worth noting that the entire event was organized without any financial burden on the participants, underscoring a commitment to accessible education and skill development.

The workshop served as a beacon of empowerment, illuminating pathways for social science students to navigate their professional journeys with confidence and finesse. As they start their own journeys, equipped with new knowledge and skills, they continue to embody the professionalism learned during this impactful event.