The Department of Languages conducts all the language courses for the undergraduates at the University. It offers English Language courses for the first and second year students reading for various degree programmes. The Department also offers courses on Communication Skills for undergraduates in the LLB and ICT degree programmes. Language skills of all these students are evaluated through continuous assessments, oral tests and semester end examinations.

The Department also offers national language courses – Tamil for non-Tamil and Sinhala for non-Sinhalese students in their third or fourth years. Diploma and Certificate level English Language courses conducted by the Department in conjunction with the Faculty of Graduate Studies during weekends provide opportunities for tri-service personnel of various levels to improve their English language skills. In addition to these ongoing courses the Department also conducts Intensive English Courses for MBBS students, Commissioned Officers joining KDU degree programmes prior to the beginning of their degree programmes.

In addition to the above, the Department also conducts a one month Intensive English Language Course for Officers of the SL Army selected to follow the psc course at Defence Services Command and Staff College, Sapugaskanda. Further, the Department is planning to offer certificate and diploma level English language improvement courses for foreign students and the first course is due to begin towards the end of 2013 for some Chinese students. While applying a holistic approach to language teaching, the Department strives to introduce innovative teaching and learning methods to enhance learner autonomy indispensable for the specific clientele at the tri-service University.



Language learning is a path to wisdom. It entails larger horizons of knowledge, self – empowerment, better attitudes, and fair conduct. It facilitates intra- and inter-cultural communication and provides a better understanding of life. It develops respect and tolerance towards cultural, social, and political diversity, which is essential for peaceful and harmonious living.


To provide instruction and facilities for the undergraduates of the University to learn and enhance their communication skills in English, Sinhalese, and Tamil languages to meet the linguistic demands of the higher study programmes undertaken by them and to provide various language courses required by the University for accomplishing its mission.