Embracing Green Tech: Insights from the Disaster Management Exhibition 2023

During the noteworthy event held on January 24th, 2024, at the FMSH Building, the ‘Disaster Management Exhibition 2023’, unfolded under the theme of “Green Tech,” brought together a diverse array of perspectives and innovative solutions.

The occasion was graced by Rear Admiral H.G.U Dammika Kumara VSV, USP, psc, Vice Chancellor of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, who served as the Chief Guest. Accompanying him were distinguished guests including Brigadier D.C.A Wickramasinghe USP USACGSC – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Defence and Administration), Dr. Lakshika Liyanage, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Social Sciences, and Humanities, and Ms. D.D Lokuge, Head of the Department of Management and Finance, who added to the significance of the event.

This exhibition was meticulously organized by the students of Intake 40 pursuing BSc in Logistics Management and BSc in Management and Technical Sciences degrees. It served as a partial fulfillment of their Disaster Management Module in the 2nd Semester, guided by the expertise of Dr. Kalpana Ambepitiya, Director of the Career Guidance Unit and the lecturer in charge.

The assignment given to the students was no small feat; they were tasked to provide recommendations for the four phases of Disaster Management in the era of Digitalization. The criteria included explaining the core features of disasters, presenting possibilities for linking digital outputs into Preparedness, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery Phases, offering recommendations for Sri Lanka on adapting to digitalization in Disaster Management and focusing on the findings on the role of relevant stakeholders.

The students were divided into eleven groups and each group was assigned a specific type of disaster. The students undertook a comprehensive analysis. This diversified approach ensured a nuanced exploration of disaster management, acknowledging the unique challenges posed by various calamities and proposing tailored solutions. Beyond the realm of academic knowledge, the department aimed to instill essential skills in the students. The assignment became a stronghold in fostering teamwork, communication, problem-solving, research, creativity, leadership, interpersonal skills, technology proficiency, self-confidence, project management, and self-evaluation.

The Disaster Management Exhibition 2023 was not merely a showcase but a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration. It underscored the critical role of green tech solutions in disaster management, reflecting the evolving needs of the digitalized world. The event showcased the dedication of students to address pressing challenges and exemplified the importance of holistic understanding in disaster management strategies.