Pitching Research Competition 2021

One gigantic step towards FMSH undergraduates’ research persuasion initiated on 09.02.2021 through opening the pitching research competition 2021. The prime objective of this competition is to assist FMSH students to produce a well-rounded, effective and achievable research project by providing a simple mechanism for communicating a new research idea and starting a conversation with a potential research mentor. The introductory session coordinated and useful insight provided by Professor (Dr.) Wasantha Perera, Department of Management & Finance and Professor (Dr.) Athula Manawaduge, Department of Social Sciences & Humanities. After the Dean FMSH, Mr. Kithsiri Amaratunga’s inspiring speech for the undergraduates, the key resource person Professor (Dr.) Robert Faff, Professor of Finance and formerly Director of Research at the QBS, Queensland University graced this webinar. He demarcated the guidelines and helpful tips to successfully compete in this competition. The pitching research competition is a steppingstone for undergraduate research project of the FMSH at the KDU. This research competition is mainly conducted to motivate students of the FMSH for the quality research culture and awareness. It greatly supports to create a solid research platform for undergraduate students of KDU. Shortlisted finalists of the competition will have a chance to pitch their research to an international panel and also have the chance to win awards for their research ideas. Further details of the pitching research competition and the deadlines are now available in the attached brochure.