The undergraduates of BSc Management and Technical Sciences and Logistics Management(Finance) Degree Programs visit Unilever Factory Horana

The undergraduates of BSc. Management and Technical Sciences, BSc. Logistics Management (Finance) Degree Programs recently embarked on a field visit to the state-of-the-art Unilever Manufacturing Facility at Horana on the 2nd of April 2024.

The field visit provided a unique learning opportunity, giving them the privilege of meeting the Factory Leadership Team for insightful knowledge-sharing sessions, enhancing their understanding of its operations.

The Management Team shared the practical applications of Capacity and Production Planning, Demand Forecasting, Inventory management, ERP, Budgeting – Capex and Recurrent, Quality Management, Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning, Sustainability – Energy, Water and AI and computer based tools in Management.

This visit not only enriched their academic knowledge but also provided practical insights which would be helpful for their chosen future careers.