Welcome to Department of Management and Finance

The Department of Management and Finance, formulated under the Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities at Sir John Kotelawala Defence University has initiated several activities inleading and management earning its’ reputation by supporting to the growth of the current status of modern, international, green university. The current strength of the student numbers are growing highly with the potential of delivering upcoming diversified streams and right now it had hit up over 200 students managed under the department by obtaining degrees in the unique fields.

Today this department has grown rapidly by recruiting local and foreign academia from different parts of the world. Encouraging multiculturalism and diversity, the department was reconstructed parallel to the obtainment the university status in the recent past with curriculum developments. With the initiation of the Dean of the Faculty, the department is now thriving in diversified work activities. These internal and external assignments include providing support towards supervising researches of military based undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, designing and delivering external leadership and management courses, examination mode assessment preparation for student intakes and employee recruitments, and so on.


Vision of our department is to enhance self reliance logistics system in Sri Lankan Armed Forces


Mission of our department is to provide distinctive quality and knowledgeable experts in accounting, supply chains management, transportation, and management and technical sciences