Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Science Communication

Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Science Communication is an innovative interdisciplinary degree course designed by academics and industry experts and hosted by the Department of Languages of the Faculty of Management Social Sciences and Humanities.

According to industry experts, data storytelling is an art that most experts in the computer field and business fields are unable to perform. Therefore, there is a void for effective communicators of data. Thus, the organizations are now seeking for individuals with interdisciplinary knowledge who are better communicators. This BSc in Applied Data Science Communication course goes beyond data science to gain insights on real world problems. Students will gain an understanding of key concepts in data science, economics, accounting, finance, management and communication.

The programme aims to:

  1. Develop knowledge and skills in fundamental principles of data science, economics, finance, management and communication in order to produce data storytellers.
  2. Facilitate access to hands on experience of real-world applications related to the content they learn on the degree programme in various organisations.
  3. Provide the opportunity to work with different organisations to establish themselves as future employees within organisations.
  4. Provide opportunities to develop advanced communication skills.
  5. Develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication needed for their profession.
  6. Develop positive attitudes, social skills and professional ethics with an awareness on data privacy and data security needed in the profession.
  7. Help developing learner autonomy to be independent professionals and life long learners.

Structure of the programme

The programme is structured under four themes: Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science, Economics/Accounting and Finance/Management and Communication. Each theme carries equal weight.

Programme Name                   : Applied Data Science Communication

Award Title                              : Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Science Communication

Award title abbreviation          : BSc

Level of qualification              : Level 5 of the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework

Number of overall credits       : Total = 90

Year 1 – 32

Year 2 – 32

Year 3 – 26

Language of study                  : English

Duration: Full time                  : Three years full-time (6 semesters)

After successful completion of 20 compulsory taught modules, each student will be offered the opportunity of an industry-sponsored live project/dissertation.

Higher education pathways

The students who take BSc in Applied Data Science Communication will be well qualified to apply for higher education programmes overseas. The following are some of them.

  • MSc Data Science, Salford University, UK: (£3000 off course fee for Sri Lankan students)
  • MSc Data Science, Lancaster University, UK
  • MSc Data Science, University of Washington, USA
  • With publications, straight entry into MPhil degrees in Europe


Demand for data scientists outstrips supply and there is continued demand for qualified, talented graduates across many global industries. World Economic Forum Report (2018) aims to unpack and provide specific information on the relative magnitude of the trends by industry and geography and highlights the industries where data science is a grave demand. Some potential jobs include:

  • Data Analysist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Analysist
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Developer