Graduate Attributes

The Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities aims to produce disciplined and competent graduates in their chosen fields, who will be leaders, professionals, innovators and global citizens with a sense of integrity in the execution of their responsibilities.

Academic and Professional knowledge
  • Fluency in the critical terminology of the relevant discipline
  • Systematic and coherent understanding of a body of relevant disciplinary knowledge
  • Understanding of wider trends and developments in the relevant fields of study
  • Understanding of Interdisciplinary Perspective
  • Ability to apply knowledge in real-world contexts
Effective Communicators, Team Members and Leaders
  • Capacity to apply effective oral and written communication in academic and professional settings
  • Awareness of nonverbal communication modes
  • Capacity to apply ICT for effective communication
  • Capacity to interact and collaborate with others effectively in culturally diverse contexts
  • Ability to understand motivations and needs of others to achieve goals
Innovation, and Creativity with Critical Judgement
  • Ability to devise creative solutions to real-world problems
  • Ability to analyse and critically evaluate arguments and evidence in decision making and problem solving
  • Capacity to conduct research and infer valid conclusions
  • Capacity to identify dynamics and dimensions in human relations for effective social networking
Attitudes, Values, Professionalism and Vision for Life
  • Awareness of ethical practice and the professional responsibilities
  • Appreciation of multi-cultural diversity and respect for individual differences
  • Awareness of global perspectives in relevant disciplines
  • Respect for physical environment and cultural heritage
  • Vision for achieving sustainable development goals
Attitudes, Values, Professionalism and Vision for Life
  • Understanding the value of mindfulness and engage in mindful behavior
  • Engage in reflective learning practices leading to Life-Long Learning
  • Engage in continuous professional development