BSc in Social Sciences



To produce human resources competent in dealing with Social Science related issues as experts and to deliver productive contributions towards the objectives of the employing organizations, and the society at large while fulfilling the hierarchy of human needs as an individual in the society.

Structure of the Programme

BSc in Social Sciences degree is open for both Officer Cadets and Day Scholars. The course offers Economics and Management, Social Studies and Communication and Media Studies as main three broad areas and they are accompanied by a series of common and optional subjects carefully selected to instill the expected co-competencies of graduates in Social Sciences.

Name of the Degree Programme  : Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences
Abbreviated Qualification                : BSc in Social Sciences
Duration                                              : 3 yrs.
Medium                                               : English
Number of Credits                             : 96

Opportunities for higher studies for Social Sciences graduates

BSc in Social Sciences degree programme provides the undergraduate an insight into the theoretical and practical dimensions of an array of Social Sciences modules which focus on understanding the human society and many other social aspects. The degree is a foundation to prepare the students for pursuing post graduate degrees depending on their chosen disciplines for further studies. At present, the department does not have the capacity to conduct any postgraduate degree programme. However, the students have the opportunity to enter both state and private academic institutions if the BSc in Social Sciences degree fits with the prerequisites of their chosen postgraduate programme.

Career Opportunities

After completing the degree, graduates find themselves working in a range of areas in both government and private institutions. Since the Social Science students study a number of disciplines related to social, political, economic, cultural and technological domains of the contemporary world, graduates of social sciences could start their career in any field mentioned above. While Day Scholars focus on a career in the public or private sector, the social sciences graduate officers will serve in the Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Airforce executive branches.