BSc in Management and Technical Sciences


To develop a sound academic background among undergraduates to build confidence in resource utilisation and interpersonal relations in a work place by incorporating Management and Technical Sciences fields.

Structure of the Programme

At the establishment phase, the degree was especially designed for military students. Tri forces commanders will be appointed from the officers who perform in executive branches of tri forces. This degree paves the path for cadets to enter into executive branches as officers once they have completed their degree programme. At present this degree is modified with separate modules for day scholars to groom their competencies to serve in the industry. Technical modules will help them to improve the working skills in technical aspects. The day scholars with science background gain management skills and focus on the general management and operations management as per their wish to pursue their learning and career prospects.

Course Title                 : BSc in Management & Technical Sciences
Abbreviated Title        : BSc (MTS)
Duration                       : 3 yrs.
Medium                        : English

Other activities for undergraduates

  • Industrial Internships
  • Military training for officer cadets
  • Research & Development
  • Social Skill Development Project
Opportunities for higher studies for the MTS Graduates

BSc in Management and Technical Sciences degree programme will provide the undergraduate an insight into the theoretical and practical dimensions of organizations and management and the changing external environment in which they operate.  By tracing the roots of the subjects in the management, and putting that into the context of modern business and current organizations, the undergraduates will develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the complexity and diversity of management processes in the competitive environment.

Students will acquire a wide-range of transferable skills, including:  self-reflection, self-management and self-awareness; critical thinking, problem solving and interpretive skills; effective written and oral communication. Further, by using technical sciences in business applications, numeracy, quantitative skills and the ability to conduct research into business and management issues. After the completion of BSc in MTS degree, the graduates can select any postgraduate programme leads to Management field in any recognized university since the degree programme covers many of the management related subject modules.

Career Opportunities

Graduates find themselves working in a range of areas, including but not limited to human resources, management consultancy, and start up enterprises, marketing, operations and technology management. While day scholars focusing on a career based in industry and the public sector MTS graduate officers will occupy in Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Air force executive branches.