Economic Transformation and Taxation in Sri Lanka by Dr. UG Rajapaksha


Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities (FMSH) introduced the concept of conducting Knowledge Sharing Sessions (KSS) for the purpose of providing a platform for sharing knowledge and experience among the faculty members. The second KSS was held on 16 May 2023 at the faculty premises. Dr. UG Rajapaksha shared his thoughts on Economic Transformation and Taxation in Sri Lanka. Having explained the gravity of the economic crisis of the country with a comparative analysis of the economic status of other countries in the region, Dr. Rajapaksha discussed about the tax policies adopted by the government as a part of finding solutions for the problem. At the end of his presentation, the participants engaged themselves in a Q & R session. Dean FMSH expressed his thanks to Dr. Rajapaksha for his presentation and to Dr. Sabeen Sharic for organizing the event.