The 12th Knowledge Sharing Session of FMSH


The Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities (FMSH) conducts Knowledge Sharing Sessions (KSS) for the purpose of providing a platform for sharing knowledge and experience among the faculty members. The twelfth KSS was held on 13 May 2024 at the faculty premises. Ms. DR Perera (Senior Lecturer, Department of Management and Finance, FMSH) shared her thoughts on ‘Incorporating ChatGPT for Mega Project Benefits Reasoning: Quantifying the Unknown through a Salient Approach’. Ms. Perera presented how project benefits that were non-financial in nature could be quantified using Fuzzy Logic Approach.  At the end of her presentation, the participants engaged themselves in a Q & A session. The Dean FMSH, Dr LS Liyanage expressed her thanks to Ms. Perera for her presentation and to Dr. Sharic for organizing the event.